Thermal paper rollĀ  include a wide range of products for cash registers, POS systems and handheld gadgets. It is used for various purpose including Shopping, Traffic violation receipts, credit card receipts and ATM Receipts. Thermal paper is special type of paper which is manufactured to offer ink less printing. When heat is applied to this paper, it forms a clear image of the words or object without any need of Printing ribbons or printer Ink. The image lays out on the Thermal paper stays for a very long period of time if its secured from direct sunlight, therefore its reliable alternate to traditional printing paper.
In Pakistan
There are various Thermal paper roll manufacturers and suppliers in Pakistan, but Paper Hub is one of the leading in the market. You can get premium quality Thermal printer paper rolls at reasonable prices with delivery service all over Pakistan. Paper Hub offers diverse range of products.

The regular thermal roll width are 79mm, 76mm, 57mm, 44mm, etc. Length of the rolls depends on the client requirement.

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