To check the length of any thermal paper roll, you need to know these three specifications.

  • Weight of Roll in Kilogram (KG).
  • Width of Roll in centimetres (cm).
  • GSM of Paper (Grams per square meter).

Weight of the roll can be checked on any weight scale but make sure to deduct core weight from the total roll weight (Plastic core 8 Gram, Cardboard core 12 Grams) .
Width of Roll can be checked width any ruler.
But if you don’t know the GSM of paper then first you need to calculate the gsm of paper.

Finding GSM:
Get 4 meter paper out of the roll, make sure to measure it precisely with the help of Tape measure. Once the paper is out, cut it with the help of scissor.
Now measure its weight (in KG) with the help of any kitchen scale.
Now measure its width in centimetre (cm).
now put these readings in the formula below .

gsm = weight in kg x 100000 / width in cm x length of paper

Once you solve it with the help of calculator, you will get the approximate value of gsm.

Finding Roll Length:
As you have already calculated the gsm of paper, now its easy to find the length of the roll . Put values in the formula below to get the meter of the roll.

Length of Roll = Weight of Roll in KG x 100000 / width in cm x GSM.
Once you solve out the above equation, you will get the length of the Roll.

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